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What problems did medieval towns face? How did medieval europeans attempt to deal with those problems? How did an independant judiciary and common law in England help to protect individual rights?

  1. Ms. Sue

    I'll be glad to critique your answers.

  2. Hi

    Medieval towns were typically small and crowded. Most of the houses were built of wood. They were narrow and and could be up to four stories high. As wooden houses aged, they started to lean. Sometimes two facing houses would lean so much they touched across the street. Rich and poor lived in quite different households. In poorer neighborhoods, several families might share a house. A family might have only one room where they cooked, ate, and slept. In general, people worked where they lived. If a father or mother was a weaver, for example, the loom would be in the home. Wealthy merchants often had splendid homes.

  3. Hi

    Is that right?

  4. Ms. Sue

    That's a good start. Of course with crowded wooden houses, devastating fires were always a major threat.

    What about the other two questions?

  5. Anonymous

    Sewage was a problem as well. Many people just threw their waste on to the street this could have contaminated nearby water sources or spread disease

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