math probelm need serious help!!!

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4x-(9-3x)= 8x-1

  • math probelm need serious help!!! -


  • math probelm need serious help!!! -

    help please

  • math probelm need serious help!!! -

    Please have patience. Sometimes responses could take more than a few minutes.
    4x-(9-3x)= 8x-1
    Combine like terms
    Get the variables (letters) on one side and numbers on the other..
    Add 9 to both sides.
    Subtract 8x from both sides.
    Divide both sides by -1.

  • math probelm need serious help!!! -

    4x-(9-3x)= 8x-1
    4x - 9 + 3x = 8x - 1
    7x -8x = 9 - 1
    x = -8

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