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3 miles to centimeters

will someone help with that problem? and tell me how to show my work with all the multiplication and division. like 1 mile over 3 centimeters or whatever (random numbers) but will you show me how and what the answer is please

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    Okay first you have to go from miles to ft then to iniches and then to cen? right?

    So you put what your trying to find on top.

    I'm not going to do this for you so tell me, how many feet are in a mile?

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    5280 ft in a mile

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    K cool.
    first step

    3 miles * 5280 ft
    1 ft 1 mile.

    Now muilitply top times top ( 3 times 5280) and then divide it by the answer at the bottom when u muiltply. (1 times 1)

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    that doesnt make sense. the answer is 44150400 but how do you get that

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    That's wrong Muilitpy 3* 5280

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    15840. i know that.

    but the final answer is 483000

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    483000 in what units?

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    3 mi * 1600 m/mi * 100 cm/m = 480000 cm

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    483000 in cm

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