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Grady has designed a wooden storage cabinet for his CD's amd DVd's. The cabinet has wooden door that can be closed. It is in the shape of a rectangular prism.

a) calculate volume of rect. prism.

So I go l*w*h?

b? Grady has decided to keep the length and width of the cabinet the same but he wants to reduce the height by one quarter. Estimate volume.

I don't get how to do B.

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    Oh sorry, forgot to provide all information. The width of the cabinet is 3ft. The length is 30 in. and the height is 6ft.

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    Make the ft into ins. (12 in. in a foot) and muilitpy length *width *height.

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    Alright thanks, but I jst don't get how to do Part b)

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    One quarter is 1/4 or .25 so *
    .25 * 6= ?
    Then do the same thing you did for A and there you go (:

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