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Physics- Mechanics

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A 33.5 kg person stands on a 67 kg platform.
He pulls on the rope that is attached to the
platform via the frictionless lower-right pul-
ley. He pulls the rope at an angle of 35◦ to the
horizontal, as shown in the figure below.
Assume: g = 9.8 m/s2 . Ignore friction.
The platform remains level.

(a) If he pulls the platform up at a steady rate,
how much force is he pulling on the rope?
(b) In Part 1 we assumed that the platform re-
mains level. This is a bad assumption.
However, if the man were pulling straight
up on the rope, the forces will be balanced
and the platform should remain level.
1. This is a good assumption.
2. Cannot be determined.
3. This also is a bad assumption.

  • Physics- Mechanics -

    Find the tension in the system(F=Ma)the divide this by the number of pulleys that have shortened the y distance. the angle is just there to throw you off.

    This is a bad assumption.

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