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At 1 pm two trains, traveling toward each other leave from towns that are 312 km apart. One train averages at most 82km/h and the other at most 74km/h. What is the earliest possible time for them to meet?
Please help me solve this. I'm not exactly sure how to set up the equation or inequality.

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    For these kind of questions you have to ask yourself,
    which of my quantities are equal so I can make an equation?
    When the meet, will they not have travelled the same time? So the times are equal

    let the distance covered by the faster train be x km
    then the distance covered by the slower train is 312-x km
    time taken by faster train = x/82
    time taken by slower train = (312-x)/72

    so ..
    x/82 = (312-x)/72
    crossmultiply and simplify to get
    x =166.13 km

    so time is 166.13/82 = 2.026 hours

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    Simplify please...thnks


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