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Physics-Please help!!!

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had this question last night for Dr. Bob-A fox sees a piece of carrion thrown from a nest 14 m high and goes to get it. Carrion is thrown 1.5 horizontal velocity. Fox is 7. m from base of tree. What is mgnitude of fox's average velocity if it grabscarrion just as it touches ground
Answers: 1.7
Dr. Bob gave me three steps-Find time it takes to fall 14 m-which is 1/2 (9.81) times t^2=1.69
During time, how far horizontally does it goe, given horizontal velocity which is 2.52
How fast does fox have to go to cover the 7 m in falling time which is 7/1.69=4.16 which is 4.2m/s as answer
Correct or no? If not, what am I doing wrong?
Ihad 2.6 last night but that is wrong, I know it-
Please help me-my mom is getting a Physics tutor starting next Monday-Please just walk me through this problem
Thank you

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