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I have to write Anecdote and I choose "you can always count on your friend" However my teacher said that Anecdote is not fictional and that it is something that happened you or someone you know. Well this happened to my friend and I wrote about it. I am very much confused. please direct a ways to write this. Thank you. and tell if this is good.

Because, of a poor self image Amy wakes up every morning, battling to eat a small meat. She wants to be beanpole like a stick thin.Each day she desires to be skinny, look like the girls on the magazines and her admiration to be thin peaked at its certainty. Her eating disorder got hold on her; she exercises rapidly, purges and fasts every other day. That is when her childhood friend, Janet decided to inform her friend about her eating disorder. She could not take seeing her friend being undernourished as emaciated, starved kitten. However, Janet still persuaded Amy to talk to healthy professional. Day by day Amy gradually improved. She no longer struggles with eating food, her symptoms declined and she strives each day to eat as much as she can.

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    You definitely have the right idea.

    Now you need to proofread your paragraph. Pay particular attention to your verb tenses.

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