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what is the definition of hemisphere i need something easy to remember

  • 7th grade -

    hemi = half
    sphere = earth

    hemisphere = half the earth

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    Sphere = basically, a ball. A basketball is a sphere--but no one ever talks about half of a basketball. Earth is a sphere, too.

    Hemispheres also refer to the two halves of the brain:
    "How many brains do you have - one or two? Actually, this is quite easy to answer...you have only one brain. However, the cerebral hemispheres are divided right down the middle into a right hemisphere and a left hemisphere. Each hemisphere appears to be specialized for some behaviors. "

    Source: Neuroscience for Kids, online from The University of Washington.

  • 7th grade -

    well pretend that you and you sis or brother were spliting the last cookie in half soo the earth is the cookie and the hemisphere is half of the earth.

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