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I refer to my earlier post on v/v versus w/w. I would be very grateful for any advice provided.
For 95% ethanol purchased from manufacturer, we normally take it as 95%v/v.
For 98% sulphuric acid, it seems like it is normally 98% w/w.
I have also seen a potassium hydroxide 85% (solid) labelled on a bottle and wonder what it means?
Is it usually %v/v for liquids when it is not stated on the bottle?

Thank you so much.

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    Personally, I think you are on a ghost hunt for I think what you are looking for doesn't exist. Other tutors may see this differently. To KNOW what the percentage means one must have it written on the label. And w/w, w/v, or v/v must be specified. If it isn't specified one doesn't KNOW. One can guess or from experience know that a 95% solution actually means 95% v/v or 95% w/w or 95% w/v. I have seen several instances where the statement is made that "in instances where it isn't stated it ALWAYS means w/w" but I have seen several instances where that isn't the case.
    Perhaps Bob Pursley will comment, too.

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