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Organizational Behavior

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1. Research conducted by Luthans supports the belief that promotions are base on performance. True or false

2. Tenure is negatively related to turnover. True or False.

3. Age and avoidable absences are negatively related. True or False.

4. Which of the following is not a type of discrimination?
A. Sexual harassment.
B. Interaction.
C. Intimidation.
D. Exclusion
E. Mockery

5. At the individual level, satisfaction general leads to productivity. True or False

6. Member of which of the following groups are least likely to turn over in a job.
A. Women in a predominantly male work group.
B. Non-whites in a predominantly non-white work group.
C. Men in a predominantly female work group.
D. Non-white in a predominantly white work group.
E. Whites in a predominantly non-white work group.

7. Which of the following is the major challenge to managers in a fully networked organization?
A. eliminating the need for paper communication by relying entirely on email, file transfer and the like.
B. retaining team members who easily move to another employer when demand for their services changes.
C. managing contract and temporary workers.
D. maintaining a "virtual office" through the use of computers, interoffice networks and the Internet.
E. managing people who work together but are geographically separated.

8. Cameron loves her job as a data programmer, but her co-worker Blake, is very challenging. Blake often loses his temper over aspects of shared projects that neither of them can control. When discussing projects in Cameron’s work station, Blake plays with her office supplies, rearranges her desk, and leaves snack and food crumbs. Worst of all, Blake always takes the portion of a project that is the easiest, leaving Cameron to work harder and longer hours.

Which of the following is not an effective method for handling Cameron’s problems with Blake?
A. Cameron should invite Blake to lunch and directly confront him with her feelings.
B. Cameron should invite Blake to coffee to clarify if there are any misunderstandings.
C. Cameron should simply ignore Blake and his behavior
D. Cameron should make a point of going to Blake’s work station and leaving a mess
E. Cameron should ask a manager to help divide the work load for the next project

9. Jo is a courier, delivering parcels throughout the metropolitan area. Although she considers herself law abiding, she often breaks the speed limit while making her deliveries. Which of the following statements does not reflect a likely response to conflict between her attitude and her behavior?
A. “It’s not a problem that I speed a little bit; it’s not much over the limit, and everyone else speeds some.”
B. “The speed limits are just low around here; anyone driving at a reasonable speed will break them.”
C. “This speeding is irresponsible. From now on I am observing the speed limits.”
D. “I’ve got to drive fast sometimes, otherwise I will not make all my deliveries and I’ll lose clients.
E. “It’s wrong to break even minor laws, but I’ll probably keep speeding anyway.

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    Which of the following is not a type of discrimination?
    A) sexual harassment
    B) interaction
    C) intimidation
    D) exclusion

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