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Can someone help me please? I have 4 equations that need to be matched up to different graphs. I need to know how to work the equations so I can match them to the graphs.
3x>=2y -x
If you can show me how to work htese i can then match them to the graph. Thank you so much!!!!!!

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    Sorry, we don't do graphs

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    I don't know what you mean by "matched up" to different graphs.

    to graph an inequality, change your equation to the form y > mx + b
    or y < mx + b, whichever way it turns out
    for the first one it would be the region above the line y = mx + b
    for the second case it would be the region below
    y = mx + b
    If you have ≥ or ≤ , then the line itself would be included.

    first one:
    6y > -3x + 15
    y > -(1/2)x + 5/2

    draw a dotted line for y = (-1/2)x + 5/2, then shade in the region above that dotted line.

    Do the others the same way.
    Are you missing a y term in the second equation?

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