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Suppose that you wish to fabricate a uniform wire out of 0.900 g of copper. Assume the wire has a resistance R = 0.500 , and all of the copper is used.
(a) What will be the length of the wire? (m)

(b) What will be the diameter of the wire? (µm)

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    You have two simultaneous equations to solve, and they depend upon the resisitivity and the density, which you will have to look up.

    1)0.500 ohms = (resistivity)*L/(pi*D^2/4)

    2)0.900 g = (density)*L*pi*(D^2/4)

    I suggest using centimeter, g/cm^3 and ohm-cm units.

    The product of mass and resistance, which you know, will let you solve for L.

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