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Let h(x) = 3 x2 + 2 x + 1.
Let g(x) = 3√{x} + 3.
(Note: If there is a nonmathematical symbol in the preceding expression, then your browser doesn't have the math symbol font. Please follow the instructions on the Tools page in Oncourse to install the STIX math fonts. To get around this temporarily, (i) print a hardcopy (the symbols will be there), (ii) in the options box on the lower left, turn on the formatted text option and press the set options button, or (iii) go to a UITS public cluster (e.g., the Library) and work there.)
Find the following:
(a) g(h(x)) =
(b) h(g(x)) =
(c) h(h(x)) =
(d) g(x) + 1 =
(e) g(x+1) =

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    ummm how old r u?

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