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This time I included only the sentences I wasn' sure of.

1)When describing one's family, are all these alternatives possible?
My family consists of/ is made up of/is composed of/is formed by three people: my father, my mother and I (or me?). In my family there are three people.
2) I'm in charge of feeding my dog.
3) In August I went to the annual village festival. A cattle fair was held for the occasion where farmers took their animals.
4) I helped waiting at table.
5) I went to a holiday club in Sicily.
The hotel club's entertainers staged a different performance every evening. We were invited to take part in it, too.I regretted coming back home.
6) I attend (or go to) a high school with an emphasis on science (or scientific lyceum??). I'm in the second year now. /I'm attending the second class at the moment.
7)I chose this course of study because I'm more interested in scientific subjects than in humanities (OR arts Or liberal studies??)
Thank you.

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    1. and I.
    4. or waiting on tables

    Any of the other possibilities are good.


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