11th grade

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need help with these problems can anyone help me-

Thank you

  • 11th grade -

    what is the question?

  • 11th grade -

    need to work these out

  • 11th grade -

    are you supposed to graph those functions?

  • 11th grade -


  • 11th grade -

    can you help me?

  • 11th grade -

    each of those functions form a line..
    for each function, solve the value of x when y=0. solve the value of y when x=0..
    plot the two points in the graph then connect them to form a line...

  • 11th grade -

    does it help?? :)

  • 11th grade -

    I'm so confused
    on these 4 problems

  • 11th grade -

    for example in #1.
    if y=0; 2x-1=0 then x=1/2
    if x=0; 2(0)-1=y then y=-1

    on the graph plot the points (1/2,0) and (0,-1)
    draw a line containing those points..

  • 11th grade -

    ok, thank you for your help

  • 11th grade -

    you're welcome!

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