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Elements of Psychology

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I need help on these questions. My answers have the < by them

1. In a typical neuron, sheaths of fatty tissue called _______
surround the axon.
A. terminals C. synapse
B. dendrites D. myelin <C

2. You’ve already gathered data to measure the relationship
between reading skills and extroversion. Now, you look at
the data to determine if reading skills and extroversion have
a negative or positive correlation. Which step of the scientific
process are you engaged in?
A. Analyzing results
B. Replication
C. Hypothesis formulation
D. Testing the hypothesis <D

3. The part of the eye that’s similar to the film of a camera is the
A. iris. C. optic nerve.
B. cornea. D. retina. <B

4. Jacob was diagnosed as suffering from conductive deafness. Chances are best that his
problem has to do with
A. a disorder of his cochlea.
B. damage to his middle ear.
C. blockage of his auditory canal.
D. damage to his auditory nerve. <B

5. Which one of the following statements is the most accurate about genes?
A. Genes are coded instructions for producing cells.
B. Genes are often composed of several chromosomes.
C. Genes are coded instructions for producing proteins.
D. Genes are generally composed of DNA fragments. <C

6. Suppose you’ve designed an electrically operated security system that includes sensors
and activators. Signals are sent from sensors to an activator that sounds an alarm. This
signal or message can be compared to impulses sent along _______ nerve paths.
A. afferent C. efferent
B. autonomic D. sympathetic <A

7. Suppose you’re studying levels of job stress and measures of job efficiency in a nursing
home. Which one of the following statements best represents a data comparison that
demonstrates a positive correlation?
A. As job efficiency increases, stress levels decline.
B. As stress levels increase, job efficiency increases.
C. As job efficiency decreases, stress levels increase.
D. As stress levels increase, job efficiency declines. <B

8. In question 7, suppose your hypothesis is that increasing job stress appears to lead to
reduced job efficiency. In that case, job stress is the _______ variable.
A. dependent C. independent
B. empirical D. correlated <B

9. Unobtrusive research differs from other survey research in that
A. it can be carried on without concern for random sampling.
B. it’s often employed to evaluate the effects of social programs.
C. it doesn’t have an impact on the subjects being studied.
D. it can produce longitudinal data that permits correlations among many variables <A

10. The school of psychology that emphasizes direct observation rather than introspection is
A. behaviorism. C. functionalism.
B. structuralism. D. psychoanalysis. <C

11. The term _______ is used to indicate the frequency level of a sound.
A. pitch C. wavelength
B. amplitude D. overtone <D

12. If you’re a psychologist who is fascinated by how alcohol acts on the nervous system to
alter perception, you probably follow the _______ perspective.
A. cognitive C. existential
B. psychoanalytic D. biological <D

13. When you step out of the bright sunshine into a dark movie theater, your vision gradually
adjusts to the relative gloom. This process is known as _______ adaptation.
A. sensory C. retinal
B. intensity D. vestibular <A

14. As a psychologist who focuses on helping people make life decisions, you’re probably
employed as a(n) _______ psychologist.
A. industrial C. developmental
B. counseling D. clinical <A

15. Which of the following statements is true of the adrenal glands?
A. They’re ductless glands. C. They’re located in the neck.
B. They help regulate the pituitary gland. D. They secrete prolactin. <A

16. Among types of research, only _______ can establish causality.
A. biased studies C. random surveys
B. representative surveys D. experiments <D

17. Ultraviolet rays are potentially harmful to us primarily due to their
A. amplitude. C. long wavelength.
B. high frequency. D. intensity. <B

18. The hormone that produces male secondary sex characteristics is
A. estrogen. C. testosterone.
B. progesterone. D. prolactin <B

19. As a research psychologist, you’re interested in studying concepts of gender role among
immigrants of Italian descent as compared with those of Irish descent.You probably have
a _______ perspective.
A. sociocultural C. learning
B. humanistic D. case analysis <B

20. I propose to study the relationship between self-esteem and reading skill levels among
students at Clairmont High School. At Clairmont, about 14 percent of the student body are
seniors, 24 percent are juniors, 30 percent are sophomores, and 32 percent are freshmen.
What kind of sampling approach will I be most likely to use?
A. Stratified sampling C. Random sampling
B. Controlled sampling D. Comparative sampling <C

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