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This is also another problem that I'm having trouble on.

A motorboat can maintain a constant speed of 16 miles per hour relative to the water. The boat makes a trip upstream to a certain point in 20 minutes; the return trip takes 15 minutes. What is the speed of the current?

Also what would be the equation?

For this motion problem I only learned how to solve this with the distance and velocity given.

What would be the velocity? v-16 and v+16 ?

Please help! Thank you.

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    If we calculate using velocity, we have to establish a positive direction. If velocity is measured as positive downstream, then
    v = current velocity (downstream)
    going upstream, the net velocity is v-16, and downstream the net velocity is v+16.

    Since the total distance travelled is zero at the end of the return trip, you can sum the distances travelled since the times are known.

    (v-16)*(20/60) + (v+16)*(15/60) = 0

    Solve for v. I get between 2 and 2.5.

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