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Your family is driving 188 miles to visit a family member, your father drives 63 miles then stops for a break, a) How many more miles are left in the trip, B) How long will the remainder of the trip take?
*It says to label a variable, write an equation and solve for part b.

How would I do this?

  • Mathmatics.. 9th grade -

    Didn't you wrote this a while back?

    <<Last question, I swear! Math! - Not putting it, Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 4:38pm>>

  • Mathmatics.. 9th grade -

    Yeah I did, but then I found another problem I forgot to do and I didn't understand it, I'm sorry for asking so many questions.

  • Mathmatics.. 9th grade -

    a) 188 - 63 = 125 miles are left
    b) Without knowing how fast the father drives, and whether or not he takes more breaks, there is no way of coming up with a numerical answer

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