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Thank you for your last corrections. Here are some more sentences I need you to check. Is the tense choice correct?
1)At this point Marlow starts describing Kurtz to the other sailors though he hasn’t met him yet.
2) Kurtz spoke English to him since his mother was half-English and his father half-French.
3) In his opinion, Kurtz failed his mission because he didn’t have enough strength to face the wilderness of the jungle. He had to rely on his own character but he was consumed (overwhelmed) by the complete solitude and silence which characterized the jungle.
4) The jungle had awakened his desires and he didn’t have enough strength to resist them. This explains why he decorated his house with human skulls.
5) When Kurtz was alone, the wilderness whispered horrible things to him.
6) He came to Africa with the intention to civilize the savages as he himself wrote in a report about Africa.
7)In other words, he had a highly moral view of the European role in Africa. However, at the end of the same document he urged the Europeans to kill all the natives, whom he called “brutes”.
8) Marlow points out that Kurtz had no morals at all.
9)A man on the riverbank waved at them. He looked like a harlequin in his highly coloured clothes with patches in them.
10)He was a Russian who decided to become a trader and began to trade ivory. He told Marlow that the natives were harmless people he could easily frighten away with the steamer whistle.

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