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Please help me with this if you don't mind?
Web page
my home whole document with 2 links
first page with 1 link
selection with 1 link

world travel framed page as shown wiht 1 link
each frame separately with 3 links
prices and packages - a single frame with 1 link

Thank you very much for your help :)

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    Last response reproduced below:

    "Do you need help on HTML?
    Have you already taken on HTML or CSS?
    The context is important to figure out what kind of help you need. Also, typing out the whole question will help.
    Please post additional information to better help you. "

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    mathmate this C:\Program Files\Jan's CompLit 101\Lessons\web\basics\summary.htmis what im trying to do

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    We need more information to help you.
    What is in this file "summary.htm"?
    What are you supposed to do with it, modify it to make additional links?

    A link can be produced by adding the anchor tag, such as:

    <a href="">Ref:Google</a>
    will create a link to the Google search engine and displays "Ref:Google" as the hyperlink text.

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    mathmate im trying to copy as a link and its not letting me do it

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    What link are you trying to copy?
    The file summary.htm is on your hard disk, so nobody but you will have access to it.

    If you are trying to send a different link, try putting spaces between the letters of the link, like:
    h t t p : / / w w w . g o o g l e . c o m

    More important of all, try to explain what you were told to do. What you have posted does not sound like a written question verbatim from your teacher. It sounds like some shorthand notes with parts missing.

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    oh okay thank you anyway mathmate and i don't know anything about frames or what they are and that's what im trying to find frames but i cant

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    Your subject to learn is HTML.

    Look up some tutorials on the net on HTML. Frames is a little more advanced concept in HTML, and is (I believe) on the way out because the latest concept in HTML is anything related to presentation should be done using CSS (Cascading style sheets).

    In any case, try some tutorials such as:
    or Google your own with keywords like
    "HTML tutorial for beginners".

    If you have not been exposed to HTML before, be ready to spend a week to learn on your own.

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    In case you need examples, here's a tutorial on frames:

    (Broken Link Removed)

    However, it will sound like gibberish if you do not already know HTML.

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