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i need multiple responses to these questions im stuck

1. Hablen sobre los aparencias, creencias y aficiones de:
-los hippies, los yuppies, los emo, los Y me
2. Lo que me encanta de ______ es que ...
Lo que me fastidia de ______ es que...
Lo que me sorprende de _____es que.....
3. En Nicaragua, mi familia nicaraguense no entendía cuando expliqué el problema de bulimia en nuestra sociedad.
4. ¿Quién gana en una sociedad de bajo auto estimo perpétuo? Explica.
5. ¿Son atractivos tatuajes y agujeros multiples en los chicos o chicas?
6. ¿Sube o baja el auto estima la cirugía plástica?
7. ¿Debe ser un movimiento contracultural a toda la obsesión con el aspecto físico? ¿Cómo pasaría?

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    You would need to know informatin about appearances, beliefs, and tastes/likings of those groups.

    These questions must go with something you have read. If it is in your textbook, we would need to know the title, author, year, etc., as we have no access to any texts.

    You will need to tell us specifically how and/or where you need help.


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    It isn't from a text book, it's a spanish level five oral exam, its our opinons. These are just the types of questions that might be ask.

  • spanish -

    I just need to understand how to respond to these kinds of questions and how to appropriately respond.

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    In that case, search each group for information:

    1. los hippies:

    2. los yuppies:

    3. los emo:

    4. los Y me:


    los Yme:

    I've given and taken a lot of Spanish oral exams. NEVER were there questions over something you had not read or heard. Try some answers and I'll be glad to check them for you.

    IT would be best to open a new post because this one will be "lost in the shuffle!"


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