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Can you please check if the following sentences are possible? Thank you.

1)He sailed for Africa in a French steamer. At last they came to the mouth of the Congo river. The first company trading post Marlow saw was a depressing place.
2) African people were tied together with chains. There were black bodies lying on the ground all around him waiting for the end to come.
3)Marlow was surprised to see that the company accountant was so elegantly dressed. He stood out in his ironed and starched white shirt.
4) The accountant was the first to mention Kurtz. He referred to him as a remarkable person. He left the trading post the next day.
5) They travelled on foot for the next two hundred miles. They reached the central station after 15 days. A man approached him and told him that the steamer he had to command was at the bottom of the river. (had sunk to the bottom of the river?).
6) The station manager didn’t make a good impression on him. He was no good at running the station since there was disorder and confusion everywhere.
7)Still (?) he was successful in his job because he never got ill. The heat and the poor diet had no effect on him at all.
8)Marlow began working at the steamer as soon as he could. First, he had to raise it from the bottom of the river and then inspect the damage, which was considerable.
9)Men at the station didn’t do much work but were excited at the word ivory.

  • English -

    1. in or on
    5. either
    6. was or were?
    8. working at? working on?


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