9th Grade Algebra 1

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I need someone to tell me how to do these kinds of problems (In great detail please)



  • 9th Grade Algebra 1 -


    We need to get the knowns on one side of the equation and the unknowns on the other side. Start by adding 2x to both sides of the equation.

    -5x + 2x = 9 - 2x + 2x
    -3x = 9
    x = 9/-3
    x = -3


    -8x - 4x = 14 + 10
    -12x = 24
    x = -2

  • 9th Grade Algebra 1 -


  • 9th Grade Algebra 1 -

    I need to learn how to convert miles to square inches.

  • 9th Grade Algebra 1 -

    the length of each of the legs of an isosceles triangle is 3km longer than the base. the perimeter of the triangle is 24km. find the length of each side

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