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Calculus..Need Help Soon

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If x=1 and x=2 are zeros of f(x)=3X^3+Ax^2+Bx+2, then the value of A+B is a)1, b)-1, c)9, d)-9, e) cannot be determined

I think it can't be determined but i don't know!

  • Calculus..Need Help Soon -

    Find A+B in

    1. two of the roots are 1 and 2, then two of the factors are (x-1) and (x-2)
    2. the third root must be of the form
    (3x±1) to satisfy the coefficient 3x^3 and the constant term.
    3. Determine the sign of the factor in (2).
    4. Expand
    to find A and B, and hence A+B.

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