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Thank you very much for your corrections.
I stilll need to check these few more sentences.

1) we'll ne analyzing twelve authors belonging to the English literature from 1800 to the beginninig of the twenty-first century.
2) I'll give you literature summaries for you to photocopy and study.
3) We'll be doing a lot of fill-in-the blanks activities for you to memorize the key words
4) I'm not allowed to make photocopies unless (?) for class tests (or except in case of class tests?).
5) Do you say to work at a summer camp or on a summer camp?

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    Proofread your questions better before you post them.

    1. "We'll need to analyze... to the beginning...."

    2. fine

    3. "... fill-in-the-blank activities... key words."

    4. "... except in the case...."

    5. "at"

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