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I like The Fifer by Manet most. I can see a boy playing the fife. Why do you like it? Because I like playing the fife and the boy's traditional clothes. He is wearing a curious hat, too.
My favorite painting
The painting I like most is Manet's The Fifer. In the picture, I see a boy playing the fife. I think the boy is from the Middle East, for his traditional is curious. I like this painting because I like to play the fife and the boy looks curious because of his traditional clothing.

(Would you like to check this passage? Thank you.)

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    The second sentence is better -- smoother. I'm interested in your use of "curious" though. It doesn't fit in either place.

    "for his traditional is curious"
    What is "his traditional"? There needs to be a noun here, not an adjective.

    I'd substitute "odd" or "strange" or "unusual" for "curious" in both places.

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