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I forgot to include the following sentences for you to check. Thank you very much in advance.

6)Portia disguises herself as the young judge and Nerissa as her clerk. They come to court to defend Antonio unknown to their husbands.
7) Portia reminds Shylock that mercy is a wonderful quality. She advises him to be merciful to him. Shylock refuses her request.
8)The wives ask to see that their husbands are still wearing the rings they were given. Of course, Portia and Nerissa actually have the rings.
9)Bassanio and Gratiano are humiliated in front of Antonio, who has accompanied them, but all ends well when the wives admit to betraying them.
10)Portia shows Bassanio a document in which it was written that she was the judge and Nerissa the clerk. She had another letter for Antonio in which it was stated that three of his ships had returned home safely.

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    Confusion with referents.

    6. Is Antonio "unknown"? Better to say "... to court in Antonio's defense, unknown to their husbands."

    7. Do the two "him"'s refer to the same person?

    8. Who "was given"? Husbands? Wives?

    9. Were all three betrayed?

    10. Rather than "in which," use "which". For example,"... document, which indicated that she.... letter for Antonio, which stated that three...."

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