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Hey everyone! (: It's been a while. I just started my new sophomore year course. I need help with this--

'When you finish with the first collection you will write a persuasive essay that includes a personal narrative in your journal. This essay is intended to convince your audience of your viewpoint about a debatable issue or situation. Brainstorm a list of possible essay subjects and write them. Your issues should be subjects that are open for debate or situations you think need to be changed.'

Can I get some ideas to write about please? Thanks

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    Welcome back, MC. :-)

    Which issues or situations do YOU know about?

    We'll be glad to comment on and add to YOUR list of debatable issues.

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    Thanks Ms.Sue [: I've missed you guys.

    Umm I can't really think of anything except for stuff like, why uniforms are better in a school than a choice of dressing. Would that work?


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    Here are some better ones--

    Home Schooling
    Genetic engineering
    Dress Codes in School


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    That's pretty lame for a sophomore.

    Don't you read or watch the news? If you don't, I urge you to keep up with the news.

    What about?

    Afghanistan war
    Muslim center near Ground Zero
    legalizing marijuana
    home schooling
    requirement of two years of algebra for all high school students
    Obama's new stimulus package to improve roads, bridges, and airports
    Israel and Palestine conflict
    illegal immigrants

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    Thanks. I've mentioned some of the ones you listed above. I think I'll either do abortion or the mosque near Ground Zero since I can write about those two pretty well.


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    Good idea!

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    However, if you want to increase your knowledge, you'd choose a subject you don't know much about and research it thoroughly.

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    Gotcha. But in my text it says that since this essay needs to include a personal narrative, you need to have some personal experience that you can tie into the issue somehow, and I think writing about the mosque near Ground Zero would be best for this situation since I'm a Muslim and I can write about how there's no violence in mosques and stuff so there should be no issue about that or something.


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    Ahh -- you made a good point about using personal experience.

    You should also emphasize that most Muslims are peaceful. Every religion and ethnic group has an extremely small minority who are violent. (Think of "Christians" killing abortion doctors and Timothy McVeigh's terrorist act.)

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