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Can you please check the grammar in the following sentences? Thank you very much.

1)A French boat took Marlow to Africa. In the beginning Kurzt was just a voice for him.
2 a)Then, he says (?) Kurzt became the jungle itself because the jungle had taken him and consumed him entirely.It had woken his desires and he couldn't resists them.
2 b)He had more ivory than anyone else. He used to call it my ivory whereas the station was “my station”.He had a girl whom he called “my intended”. Everything was his.
3) According to Marlow, the wilderness of the jungle made Kurzt do horrible things. Actually, Kurzt’s last words were “horror! horror”!
4)Africa was for him complete solitude, complete silence. He was alone and had to rely on his own character and strength and on his own ideas.
5) According to Marlow, he failed just because he didn’t have enough strength. His soul had gone mad as a result of his solitude.
6)Kurzt is said to be a genius. A Russian, who traded ivory with him describes him as a brilliant talker, a wonderful man with great ideas.
7)The natives were devoted to him because he had the guns and they hadn’t seen anything like them before.

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    Put a space (hit the spacebar) after EVERY comma and period.

    2. It had awakened his desires, and he couldn't resist them.

    3. “horror! horror!”

    6. delete comma after Russian

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