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Im having trouble with my Reading.If any of you have any help.with me please do bc i hate Reading and it is very hard for me.I'm in all honors.PLEASE HELP!!!

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    If you are in honors classes, then someone doesn't agree with you about your reading skills! You are obviously a better reader than you think you are! But all of us can always be better.

    One thing you can do is to make sure you always have something going that you like. For example, I really like to read historical fiction ( http://www.historicalnovels.info/ ), mysteries, legal dramas (John Grisham's books, and others), but I have to really concentrate to read any nonfiction (and almost all school books are nonfiction!). I learned early, though, that as long as I kept reading something that I really enjoyed, then reading the assigned books and articles became easier. I have no explanation! It just worked!! The more I read what I liked, the less difficulty I had with what I was assigned to read.

    Another thing you can do with school reading assignments is to keep a reading log, whether your teachers require it or not. One of the most successful systems I've seen students use is similar to the Cornell note-taking system (primarily meant for taking notes during class lectures or lessons). It's easily adaptable to note-taking while you read.
    Read several of these explanations and examples and see how you can make this work for you.

    The works listed here -- http://als.lib.wi.us/Collegebound.html -- can be helpful for you, too. Try out different types* of books/stories to find what you're interested in. Keep on reading ... whatever else you do!

    *See the categories across the top: American Literature, World Literature, Biography/History, etc.

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    Is there anything specific that you need help with?

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