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1.A(an)_________________ barometer Has a closed space surrounded by metal
2.A(an)_________________ barometer Has a glass tube that is open at the bottom end.

ive been tryin thesse for ever!
when awncering put
like for example ur goi no awncer #1 put 1. then the awncerr

  • Weather & Climate (science) -

    1.) I am guessing an aneroid barometer
    2.) mercury barometer

  • Weather & Climate (science) -


  • Weather & Climate (science) -

    Which ones/one is true?
    a.)Altitude affects density
    b.)Altituce is the dictance above sea level
    c.)Altitude is also call elevation

  • Weather & Climate (science) -

    all are true

  • Weather & Climate (science) -

    and there are alot more questionss

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