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How can I rewrite this? Please.
He liked shooting things.
(A). and wrestling with his father. (B) hammering things, smashing things.

Joy leapt in his fathers heart for his son.
(A) thirsty for knowledge (B) Who was quick to learn.

They stood.
(A) In the gathering shadows
(B) In front of barracks
(C) While their American friend came forward.

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    We'll be glad to correct and comment on YOUR rewritten sentences.

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    After I rewrite it please comment on it. Thanks for your help.

    1)He liked shooting things, hammering things, smashing things and wrestling with his father.

    2)Thirsty for knowledge, Joy leapt in his fathers heart for his son who was quick to learn.

    3) In the gathering shadows, they stood in front of barracks while American friend came forward.

    Thanks for the help!

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