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12th grade maths

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just like to check if ive got these right. if not can you help??

make the subject (q)
ans q=pr+2p/(2-p)

make the subject (p)
ans p=r-6/(2-q)

make the subject (r)
ans r=2+3q+pq/(p+3)

make the subject (x)
ans x=r-qp/(y)

  • 12th grade maths -

    the second one:
    make the subject (p)
    p+3=qp+r/(2) wrong,, must be:
    ans: p=r-6/(2-2q)

    the third one:
    make the subject (r)
    p(r-q)=2+3(q-r) lacking parenthesis,, must be:
    ans: r=(2+3q+pq)/(p+3)

    the last one is wrong,,
    y=r-qp/(x) *transpose r to left side
    y-r = -qp/x *multiply both sides by x
    x(y-r) = -qp *divide both sides by (y-r)
    x = (-qp)/(y-r)

    so there,, =)

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