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Word Problem, math.

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A police car traveling 100 ft/sec is chasing a car being driven erratically at 75 ft/sec. If the police car is 300 feet behind the other vehicle when the chase began, about how many seconds will it take to catch the erratic driver?

I think I know how to solve this, but I want to confirm it. Someone help? Thank you.

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    The distance between the cars decreases at a rate of 25 ft/s. Divide 300 feet by that distance-closing rate and you get the answer: 12 seconds

  • Word Problem, math. -

    the stopping distance d of a car after the brakes are applied varies directly as the square of the speed r. If a car traveling 40 mph can stop in 90 ft, how many feet will it take the same car to stop when it is traveling 30mph?V

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