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MathMath thank for showing me my mistake.

Bayside Insurance offers two health plans. Under Plan A, Sam would have to pay the first $200 of his medical bills, plus 35% of the rest. Under Plan B, Sam would pay the first $230, but only 20% of the rest. For what amount of medical bills will Plan B save Sam money? Assume he was over $230 in bills. Sam would save with Plan B if he had more than $_____ in bills

  • Algebra -

    For what total bill X does
    200 + 0.35 (X-200) = 230 + 0.20(X-230) ?

    Solve for X.

    200 -70 +0.35X = 230 -46 +0.20X
    0.15X = 54
    X = 360

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