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tisha works 5 days a week as a paramedic. she has 10 holidays off and 3 weeks vacation every year. if tisha never misdes a regular day of work, how many days does she work in each year that is not a leap year?

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    5 * 52 = 260 days

    10 + 15 = 25

    260 - 25 = ?

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    she would have two days a week off. this would mean that her 3 weeks vacation is 3x7=21 days. please respond.

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    The question asks how many days she works.

    If she worked 5 days a week for 52 weeks, she'd work 260 days.

    I subtracted her 10 holidays and the 15 days that she didn't work.

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    3 weeks vacation days equal 21 days. we are off two days a week.

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