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Determine all values of x for which f is not defined.

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    thats supposed to be a fraction all equel to f(x).

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    A function is not defined if the denominator is zero
    So we just have to look at the bottom which I will assume is
    2x^3 - 4x^2 - 40x + 80
    by grouping
    = 2x^2(x-2) - 40(x-2)
    = (x-2)(2x^2 - 40)

    so x-2 cannot be zero, or x ≠ 2
    2x^ - 40 ≠ 0
    x^2 ≠ 20
    x ≠ ±√20 or ±2√5

    so x ≠ 2, 2√5, -2√5

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