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we have a problem that my parents cant help with.
846*2=(...+40+...)*2=(800 over ...+...over2+6 over...)=(400+...+3)...=...

...means blank space for a number. Can you help with this problem, so that I can figure out the rest of the problems.Thanks

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    from what I can tell you are using * for division (over).
    Usually / is used for division and * is used for multiplication.

    So I will interpret as follows ...
    846/2=(...+40+...)/2=(800 over ...+...over2+6 over...)=(400+...+3)...=...

    =(800 over 2+40 over 2+6 over 2)

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    =(800*2 +40*2 +6*2
    = 1600 + 80 + 12 = 1692

    I don't know why the word "over" appears.
    It shouldn't.

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