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Is this thesis statement too long?

Thesis Statement; although there are people who still believe Social Security will cover our needs upon retirement, we need to limit our spending and start saving for our retirement. We need to learn to live with less so we can free up money to invest toward our retirement. Once we retire we have a loss of income, with the declining economy and the rise of expenses Social Security will not be enough to meet our needs.

  1. GuruBlue

    Yes! A thesis statement is ONE sentence which your essay will explain or prove.
    See if you can take the last sentence of that and make it into a thesis.

  2. Writeacher

    A thesis statement (notice it's singular) is usually ONE SENTENCE. Here are some links to read through to see some ideas and some good ones:

    So ... how can you distill all this into one good, tight, well done thesis statement?

  3. Writeacher

    Also ... keep in mind that, when it all began, it was never the intention that SS income be any person's entire retirement income. It was meant to be a supplement.

    History of Social Security:

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