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On the way to Spo1 Park, I saw clothes on sale, which were cheap clothes. From the street vender, I bought some clothes before. This day, I bought 6 clothes at 20,000 won. I could buy the size 35 trousers, which were fit for my waist, though the trousers were kind of big for me. I could find the entrance to Spo1 Park. At the front desk, I paid the money for using the swimming pool of Spo1 Park. My wife entered the pool through the entrance for women. I entered the pool through the entrance for men. After changing clothes, I met her. I was wearing a swimming cap and a swimming trunk. Those who didn't wear swimming caps were not allowed to enter the pool. There were many people in the pool including small children on a tube. They looked happy. My wife was a good swimmer. She even dived to the floor of the poor and came out after swimming. I learned how to swim the backstroke. She could do the backstroke well. I could swim the backstroke a little, though it's not easy to swim on the back in the pool. After about one hour, I went out. We met again and went to a restaurant.

(Would you like to check the passage? Thank you.)

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    Good overall. Here are a few little corrections:

    6 articles of clothing (not 6 clothes)

    which fit my waist (not which were fit for my waist)

    swimming trunks (not a swimming trunk)

    to swim on my back (not to swim on the back)


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