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college physical science

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According to table 1.3, what volume of iron would be needed to balance a 1.00cm3 sample of lead on a two pan laboratory balance? Table 1.3 shows densities g/cm3 such as iron=7.87g/cm3 and lead is 11.4g/cm3

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    We have access to no textbook and therefore can not see table 1.3.


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    what time and financial constraints have you face since starting college? How did you deal with them

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    density= m/v
    7.87 g/cm3 = m/ 1.00cm3
    7.87g / 11.36 g/cm3
    answer is 0.69 cm3

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    Mass/Density = Volume

    _11.4_g_ = v

    1.45cm3 = v

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    What volume of iron (density 7.87 g/cm3) would be required to balance a 1.45 cm3 sample of lead (density 11.4 g/cm3) on a two-pan laboratory balance

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