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words Curt, Demoralize, dilemma,inclination, irate, retort, sabotage, subsequent, wary,zeal

if my carpets need cleaning or i want a new cellphone plan. I will do some comparison shopping first. I am not likely to buy anything suddenly just because a complete stranger has phoned usually during the dinner hour to sell it. For this and other reason , i have always been_______________ of telephone salespeople.

I don't like their cheerful, overly amiable voices and their nervy suggestions as to how I might easily pay for whatever it is they are selling, My ____________ is to get of the phone as soon as possible.

My husband, however create a(n) __________ for me when he takes these calls, He doesn't want what is being sold either, but he feels sorry for the telemarketers.

He doesn't want to _________ them with such a(n) ____________ reply as "NO". When they begin their sales pitches, he is overcome by their _________ for their products and therefore listens politely.

Then he ______________ my efforts to discourage ________________ calls by suggesting that the salespeople call back later to talk to his wife! I don't know who get more ________________ when that happens I or the salespeople, disappointed when they realize we never intended to buy a thing.More than onces, when I've finally said he or she has ______ (e)d "well, thanks for wasting my time

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    I have always been___WARY_ of telephone salespeople.

    My _INCLINATION_ is to get off the phone as soon as possible.

    That's a start. Please look up the definition of any words you don't understand.

    We'll be glad to check the rest of your answers.

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    1. inclination
    2. curt
    3. wary
    4. retort
    5. demoralize
    6. dilemma
    7. subsequent
    8. zeal
    9. sabotage
    10. irate

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