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Dave has quarters, dimes and nickles in his bank. He has 3 more dimes than quarters and 6 less nickles than quarters. There are 63 total coins. How many are quarters?

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    I used guess and check until I got it. Sometimes you have to take the time to do this.
    q 17, d 20, n 11 = 48
    q 20, d 23, n 14 = 57
    q 23, d 26, n 17 = 66
    q 22, d 25, n 16 = 63
    The last one works. 22 quarters, 25 dimes, and 16 nickels.

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    x Qtrs
    (x + 3) dimes
    (x - 6) nickles

    x + (x + 3) + (x - 6) = 63
    3x - 3 = 63
    x = 22 Qtrs.

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