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Can any one help me answer these questions, i am having trouble because i haven't received my book yet.

Modelo: Elena / Colorado ¿De dónde es Elena?
Es de Colorado.

1. la profesora Guzmán / España

2. usted / Texas

3. tú / Arizona

4. ellas / Chicago

  • spanish 1 -

    i got the first one right need help with other 3, i don't know if it's the grammar or what but the online website is not accepting my answers so help please.

  • spanish 1 -

    Word order = subject + verb + information
    1. La señora Gúzman es de España.

    Let me explain the difference between HELP and DO. You are asking us to DO the work for you. Follow my model for #1 or what you did first of all, as it was correct.

    THEN we HELP, after you DO what you can!


    (In other words, no attempt on your part, no help on my part!)

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