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can anyone come up with an idea for a short narrative for the poem "In the tube" by Richard Aldington.
it has to fill a gap in the poem, in other words it has to say what it hasn't in the poem. the focus is on 'marginalization'
i have to write an epistolary narrative on it

Here is the poem:
The electric car jerks;
I stumble on the slats of the floor,
Fall into a leather seat
And look up.

A row of advertisements,
A row of windows,
Set in brown woodwork pitted with brass nails,
A row of hard faces,
In the swaying train,
Rush across the flickering background of fluted dingy tunnel;
A row of eyes,
Eyes of greed, of pitiful blankness, of plethoric complacency,
Gaze, stare at one point,
At my eyes.

Immediate antipathy,
[p.24] Cut my brain, as a dry sharp reed
Cuts a finger.
I surprise the same thought
In the brass-like eyes:
'What right have you to live?'

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    What is the difference in social status between "you" and the other riders on the train. Why are you on the train that day instead of in your car? The story of the reason for their antipathy would be good.

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