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English: Ms. Sue

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Ms. Sue you've helped out in the past haha maybe you can help me again :D

we learned about objective and subjective opinions authors may have today and although I got every other question, I can't seem to figure out the following three:

tell the objective and subjective opinion in each statement and list if the subjective opinion is explicit or implicit.

1.The cause of this situation is the mayor’s irresponsible plan.
2.In my opinion, this officials decision to hire his relatives should be treated as a crime.
3.In the past, officials who committed such outrageous acts were prosecuted.

(with 1 and 2 I couldn’t figure out the objective fact and with 3 I couldn’t figure out subjective opinion)

  • English: Ms. Sue -

    I don't have much to add to Writeacher's response.

    1. The mayor's plan is probably fact.

    2. What do you think is the objective fact?

    3. Look for the adjective that expresses a subjective opinion.

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