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A first object is thrown vertically upward with some initial speed and some initial height above the ground. Simultaneously, a second object is thrown straight down with the same initial speed and same initial height above the ground. Before the second object reaches the ground, the distance between the two objects _______as time advances. Ignore air resistance.

a)stays the same
b)increases than decrease
c)cannot by determined (not enough info.)
d)increases at an increasing rate
e)increases at a constant rate

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    The height y1 of the first object from the initial position, y0 with respect to time is given by the equation:

    Similarly, the height y2 of the second object is given by:
    y2=-ut - (1/2)gt²

    g=acceleration due to gravity, and
    u=initial speed

    The distance between the two objects is therefore given by y1-y2
    which is a linear function of time.

    Make your choice of the answer and post it for checking if you wish.

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