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Express the direction 331° CW from the +x-axis in the following different ways. For this problem north is positive y and east is positive x.
1) east of north
2) above the +x-axis
3) right of the vertical in quadrant 1
4) CW from the -y-axis

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    331°CW from the +x axis is the same as 360°-331°=29° in the trigonometric sense, namely 29° CCW measured from the +x axis, in the first quadrant.
    1. To get the angle "east of north", subtract 29° from 90 (north).
    2. The angle is 29° above the x-axis.
    3. right of the vertical is the same as #1 above.
    4. CW from the +y axis is the same as #1 above.

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