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1.Temperatures in child care education settings should be set at in summer and in winter.
A. 55 to 65, 65 to 85
B. 60 to 63, 70 60 73
C. 68 to 72, 65 to 75
D. 72 to 80, 70 to 78
My answer is C.

2. Which of the following is an obsticle to learning for a beginning mover
A. Knowledge of what elements of the movement to focus on
B. Chronic indifference characteristic between birth and age three
C. Shorter time to monitor perceptual imput frommthe visual
D. Difficult in performing simultaneous movements
My answer is A

3. The major emphasis of movement programs for young children is the development of concepts. Which of the following three major categories are they broken into?
A. Body, space, and time
B. What, who, and where
C. Awareness, knowledge, and understanding D. Movement, skill and fitness.
I have posted some questions and answers. Could you be so kind in letting me know if they are correct, and if they are not give me your feedback please. Thanks.

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    I agree with your first two answers. I'm not sure about the third one -- but is it A? Check your text.

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    I just reread # 1. I think we're wrong. In the summer, the thermostat should be set as high as possible. I set mine about 77. In the winter, we want to set it as low as possible. I like it warmer than a lot of people -- so I set my thermostat at 74.

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    the answer is D it is on page 163 in the book and under concepts!!

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